Rs 1,03,492 crore gross GST revenue collected in the month of November, 2019.

The gross GST revenue collected in the month of November, 2019 is Rs 1,03,492 crore of which CGST is Rs19,592crore, SGST is Rs 27,144crore, IGST is Rs 49,028crore (including Rs 20,948crore collected onimports) and Cess is Rs7,727 crore (including Rs 869 crore collected on imports). The total number ofGSTR 3B Returns filed for the month of Octoberup to 30th November, 2019 is 77.83 lakh.

The government has settled Rs 25,150crore to CGST and Rs 17,431crore to SGST from IGST asregular settlement. The total revenue earned by Central Government and the State Governments after regularsettlement in the month of November, 2019 is Rs 44,742 crore for CGST and Rs 44,576 crore for the SGST.

After two months of negative growth, GST revenues witnessed an impressive recovery with a positive growthof 6% in November, 2019 over the November, 2018 collections. During the month, the GST collection ondomestic transactions witnessed a growth of 12%, highest during the year. The GST collection on importscontinued to see negative growth at (-)13%, but was an improvement over last month's growth of (-)20%.Thisis the eighth time since the inception of GST in July 2017 that monthly collection has crossed the mark of Rsone lakh crore. Also, November 2019 collection is the third highest monthly collection since introduction ofGST, next only to April 2019 and March 2019collections.